Vitamins are substances which are essential for the function of the human body. They are involved in countless metabolic processes like energy generation from fats, carbohydrates and amino acids or in formation of hormones, enzymes and blood cells.

Since the human organism cannot develop vitamins itself, these substances must be taken with food. Therefore, it is important to control the vitamin status by vitamin analysis to ensure the needed amount of vitamins for proper bodily functions and thereby keeping healthy.

For this purpose, R-Biopharm offers the RIDASCREEN® Biotin test, which is an enzyme binding assay for the quantitative detection of biotin (vitamin H) in serum or plasma.

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is of great importance for the biochemistry of the human organism. Biotin plays a central role in various critical reactions in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids and proteins. Normally, the recommended amount is being covered by a balanced and varied diet. However, special circumstances and diseases can lead to clinical signs of a biotin deficiency ranging from mild to severe symptoms and demonstrating the need for biotin measurements in biological samples.

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