SeraSpot® Anti-Helicobacter-6 IgA / IgG

Intended use:The SeraSpot® Anti-Helicobacter-6 IgG / SeraSpot® Anti-Helicibacter-6 IgA test is an in vitro diagnostic device (spotimmunoassay, SIA) for the detection of Helicobacter-specific IgG [...]

RIDASCREEN® Hantavirus Puumala IgG, IgM

Intended use:For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDASCREEN® Hantavirus Puumala virus tests are enzyme immunoassays for the quantitative detection of IgG or IgM antibodies to the Hantavirus Puumala [...]

RIDA® RF-Absorbens

Intended use:For in vitro diagnostic use. RIDA® RF-Absorbens is used for the pre-absorption of IgG antibodies in human serum (or plasma) in all serological RIDASCREEN® IgM ELISA tests and in [...]