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Very few know it and yet most people carry it: cytomegalovirus. While the infection is usually asymptomatic in healthy people, newborns and patients with immune deficiencies can experience serious complications.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a wide-spread herpesvirus. The majority of the world’s population is infected, as are even up to 90 percent of people in developed countries. The initial infection is usually asymptomatic and is often not even noticed. The virus stays in the body for life, however, and can reactive at any time—due to an immune system weakened by disease, immunosuppressive therapy, or stress and trauma. The reactivated virus can infect several organs and cause life-threatening illnesses. Common symptoms of acute infection are fever, leukopenia, hepatitis, pneumonitis, enterocolitis, encephalitis, and general discomfort.

Particularly newborns are at high risk. An infected pregnant woman can transfer the virus to the unborn child, which can cause loss of vision or hearing, delayed growth and development, neurological deficits, and even the death of the newborn. The virus can even be passed on later through breastfeeding, for example. Experts estimate that about one percent of all newborns are infected, whereas CMV infection is the most common congenital infection (source: Robert Koch Institute [Article in German]).

Diagnostic test for CMV

CMV is not easy to diagnose due to virus’s non-specific symptoms. Yet, early diagnosis is essential to initiate antiviral treatment quickly, which has a positive effect on the clinical course and prevents serious complications. An important part of diagnostic testing is a lab test to detect CMV in blood or urine. A precise and reliable method for diagnostic testing is real-time PCR technology like RIDA®GENE CMV. DNA detection is suited especially for testing newborns and immunosuppressed patients in whom antibody detection is not possible.


  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Compatible with all commercial real-time PCR thermal cyclers
  • Internal control included in the kit
  • Results based on the international WHO standard
  • Ready-to-use Master Mix
  • Compatible with all RIDA®GENE herpesvirus tests
  • Tested in the INSTAND and QCMD independent quality assurance programs
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