Intended use:

Aila® represents a flexible pipetting platform that covers the needs of today’s routine diagnostics laboratory.

General information:

The work station contains 16 interchangeable deck positions providing enough space for reagents and samples to simultaneously set-up multiple real-time PCR assays. A broad variety of plate types and tube formats ensure maximum flexibility for the end-user.

Aila®’s multi-dispensing function saves time and reduces use of consumables per reportable result. As a truly walk-away system, Aila® frees the time of valuable staff to handle increasing sample volumes with improved quality standards.

  • Versatile – different plate formats
  • Economic & safe – UV light & Liquid Level sensing
  • Efficient – multiple parameter testing out of one patient sample
  • Convenient – pre-installed assay templates
  • Reproducible – multiple master mixes
  • Fast & precise – 45 minutes with master mix set-up

Aila® is validated with the RIDA®GENE real-time PCR products for the detection and differentiation of gastrointestinal, hospital acquired, respiratory and sexually transmitted infections as well as for other RIDA®GENE real-time PCR assays.

Art. No. ZAILA
Test format PCR set-up solution
Incubation time 45 min including master mix set-up
35 min without master mix set-up

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