Intended use:

For in vitro diagnostic use. RIDA® Xtract is a spin-filter based extraction kit for the simultaneous isolation and purification of high quality bacterial and viral DNA as well as viral RNA from human serum, plasma specimen, cerebral fluid, cell culture supernatant, other cell free body fluids (e.g. urine), swabs, tissue biopsies and stool specimen.

General information:

The RIDA® Xtract kit offers the advantage of the simultaneous isolation and purification of viral DNA/RNA and bacterial DNA from a diverse range of fresh and frozen sample materials. This enables to test the sample for all kinds of nucleic acids of viruses and bacteria after one preparation.Using the RIDA® Xtract Kit a diverse range of sample materials are transferred into the Reaction Tubes together with a specially designed Dilution Buffer to adjust to a final sample volume of 400 µl. The prefilled buffer and enzymes lyse the samples, stabilize the nucleic acids and enhance the viral and bacterial DNA and/or RNA adsorption to the membrane of the Spin Filter. Contaminants are removed by repeated washing steps and the purified nucleic acids can be eluted in a small volume of Elution Buffer.

The RIDA® Xtract procedure comprises the following steps:

–          Lysis at different temperatures

–          Adjustment of the binding conditions

–          Binding of the nucleic acids in the lysate to the membrane of a Spin Filter

–          Washing of the membrane and elimination of contaminants and ethanol

–          Elution of the nucleic acids

Art. No. PGZ001
Test format Spin-filter columns for 250 preparations
Incubation time Time to result:
viral DNA/RNA and bacterial DNA: 20 - 25 min
Shelf life 18 months after production
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