Intended use:

For in vitro diagnostic use. RIDA®GENE Dientamoeba fragilis is a multiplex real-time PCR for the direct, qualitative detection of Dientamoeba fragilis from human stool samples.

The RIDA®GENE Dientamoeba fragilis multiplex real-time PCR is intended for use as an aid in diagnosis of gastrointestinal infection caused by Dientamoeba fragilis.

General information:

Dientamoeba fragilis is one of the most important diarrhea-causing protozoa and is distributed worldwide. Recent studies demonstrated the pathogenic potential and implicated it as a common cause of gastrointestinal disease. Infection with D. fragilis may be either symptomatic or asymptomatic. Symptoms of dientamoebiasis are abdominal pain and diarrhea. The prevalence of D. fragilis varies from 0.3 % to 52 % and often exceeds that of Giardia lamblia.

Classically, diagnosis of Dientamoeba fragilis is achieved by microscopial examination of faecal samples, which require experienced personal. RIDA®GENE Dientamoeba fragilis real-time PCR is a new and attractive alternative method for testing stool samples and has proven to be highly sensitive and specific for the detection of Dientamoeba fragilis.

Art. No. PG1745
Test format real-time PCR with 100 reactions
Shelf life 24 months after production
Sensitivity Analytical Sensitivity: > 5 DNA copies per reaction
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_de.pdf (German)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_gb.pdf (English)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_fr.pdf (French)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_es.pdf (Spanish)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_it.pdf (Italian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_bg.pdf (Bulgarian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_cz.pdf (Czech)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_dk.pdf (Danish)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_ee.pdf (Estonian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_fi.pdf (Finnish)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_gr.pdf (Greek)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_hr.pdf (Croatian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_hu.pdf (Hungarian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_lt.pdf (Lithuanian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_lv.pdf (Latvian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_nl.pdf (Dutch)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_no.pdf (Norwegian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_pl.pdf (Polish)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_pt.pdf (Portuguese)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_ro.pdf (Romanian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_se.pdf (Swedish)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_si.pdf (Slovenian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_sk.pdf (Slovakian)
sdspg1745_-_ridagene_dientamoeba_fragilis_tr.pdf (Turkish)

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