Intended use:

The RIDA®QUICK Malaria Control is intended for use in the corres-ponding RIDA®QUICK Malaria rapid test (N7006/N7007).

General information:

The RIDA®QUICK Malaria Control is available as a separate accessory for the RIDA®QUICK Malaria rapid test. It contains recombinant HRP2 protein (reactive at T1-band) and plasmodial-specific LDH protein (reactive at T2 –band. Prior to use, the posi­tive control as well as the respective test-specific reagents (reagents, test cassettes) must be left to stand until they reach room temperature (20-25°C). The test cassettes should be re­moved from their packages only briefly before they are required for use. Take care to avoid direct exposure to sunlight while performing the test.

Art. No. NP7004
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