Are you looking for a better workflow solution to optimize your daily lab routine that is less hands-on while achieving a new level of high-throughput multiplexed molecular diagnostics?

We have the answer. With MultiplexTandem-PCR, you can deliver better patient outcomes by testing for more targets with minimal sample volume.

Our extensive range of TandemPlex® panels cover a broad spectrum of clinically relevant genetic targets across different disease areas for the most efficient and effective diagnostic testing.

Gastrointestinal Infections

Respiratory Infections


Women‘s health

Critical Testing & Drug Resistance


Vector borne infections

CSF testing


Ordering information

Each TandemPlex® panel requires the following to run:

  1. Step 1 Tubes (e.g. xxxxxS)
  2. Step 2 Plates (e.g. xxxxxP)
  3. Reagent Cassette for Highplex or Reagent Reservoir for Ultraplex instruments (containing Master Mix)
  4. Synthetic positive controls (individual controls depending on indication)
  5. Extraction control (optional)

For detailed ordering information please contact your responsible sales representative.

Product portfolio

You can find more information on TandemPlex® in our free customer brochure.

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