Clinical diagnostics in mycology is vital for accurate identification and treatment of fungal infections. Fungal pathogens can cause a wide range of diseases, from superficial skin infections to life-threatening systemic infections. Accurate diagnosis is crucial as many fungal infections share similar symptoms with other pathogens, leading to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Mycological diagnostics involve various techniques such as microscopy, culture and molecular methods.

Molecular methods help in identifying the specific fungal species responsible for the infection fast and accurately, determining its antifungal susceptibility profile, and guiding targeted therapy. Additionally, timely diagnosis can prevent the progression of localized infections to systemic diseases. By providing precise and timely information, clinical mycology diagnostics improve patient outcomes, reduce overall healthcare costs, and contribute to the management of fungal infections.

The mycological test portfolio from R-Biopharm offers molecular diagnostic solutions for your individual laboratory routine:

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