The smart SeraSpot® system combines the diagnostic capabilities of modern array technologies with advantages of established and automated ELISA processing.

Tests comprise multiple autoantigens or antigens of pathogens. The antigens are spotted directly on the bottom of each well of a microtiter plate. This enables efficient analysis of up to 96 patient samples per plate to detect autoimmune or infectious diseases. SeraSpot® is a complete solution including test kit, high precision scanner and user-friendly software.

SeraSpot® meets…

  • Various laboratory demands through flexible sample throughput and combination of different tests: Simultaneous processing of different microspot arrays is easily possible with the SeraSpot® system: combine different tests in varying numbers on either a microtiter plate or a single strip.
  • High quality standards due to integrated controls and use of clinically relevant antigens: All tests show high sensitivity and specificity. Built-in controls and color coded arrays guarantee internal high quality assurance. Moreover, a well position marker ensures accurate reading of test results.
  • User requirements by offering intuitive software and automated processing: SeraSpot® facilitates the laboratory workflow by offering all reagents ready to use and universal test protocols for all products. Consequently, the preparation time is reduced to a minimum and the test procedure is kept quick and simple.

Due to these particular features, SeraSpot® provides cost-effective and time-efficient diagnostics.

Product overview

The SeraSpot® flyer gives a short overview of the technology and the available products.


The SeraSpot® brochure gives you more detailed information about the technology, the features and the test procedure.

Accessories for SeraSpot® arrays

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