Our gastroenterology product portfolio is not only dedicated to the advanced diagnosis of gut-related diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or pancreatic insufficiency but also perfectly suited for the prevention of gut-related diseases such as colon cancer.

The ELISA tests are suited for single plate or medium-high-throughput analysis on automated readers. Below, you can find the markers and their diagnostic relevance at a glance.

Biomarkers for clinical diagnostics

Biological markers (biomarkers) are measurable indicators for specific conditions. The following biomarkers are relevant in gastroenterology:

  • Calprotectin is a highly specific indicator of gastrointestinal inflammation which is used for differentiation of IBD and IBS and for treatment monitoring.
  • α1-antitrypsin and sIgA indicate the integrity of the gut wall. This is relevant for monitoring and diagnosing the leaky gut syndrome.
  • Pancreatic elastase is used for the detection of pancreatic insufficiency and pancreatitis.

Therapeutic drug monitoring

Therapeutic drug monitoring of Infliximab (IFX, Remicade®) and Adalimumab (Humira®) supports the optimization of treatment and reduction of treatment costs.


You can find more information on our test kit portfolio for gastroenterology in our free customer brochures:

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