SpotSight® strip

Intended use: 8-well strip scanner for image acquisition and interpretation for SeraSpot® arrays. SpecificationsArt. No. [...]

Array kept quick and simple. Due to these particular features, SeraSpot® provides cost-effective and time-efficient diagnostics. The SeraSpot® brochure gives [...]

RIDA qLine® Allergy quality assessment: Register now!

...(immunoblot) for the quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in human serum and plasma. A great range of allergens or allergen [...]

Rapid tests

...dipped in the clear supernatant of the sample Cassettes: samples are dispensed into the sample well of the test cassette The RIDA®QUICK assays are a one-step, [...]

Smart idea with high performance: Microspot arrays revolutionize clinical diagnostics

...No. SP-002-12 G-S12) SeraSpot® Anti-Treponema-4 IgG/IgM (Art. No. SP-010-4 ****) SeraSpot® Anti-Yersinia-6 IgG/IgA (Art. [...]

Type I allergies

...of allergen specific IgE/IgG antibodies The RIDASCREEN® Allergy ELISA for determination of total and specific IgE and [...]