13th Congress of ECCO

What’s new in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)? Meet us at the ECCO Congress in Vienna and gain new scientific insights! The ECCO Congress, organized by the European Crohn’s and [...]


Meet us at the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID)!

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Vedolizumab: New option for IBD patients

If conventional IBD treatments aren’t working, vedolizumab is an alternative. Therapeutic drug monitoring helps improve treatment success with vedolizumab.

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Influenza: Well-armed for the 2017/2018 flu season

As temperatures grow colder, the risk of catching the flu virus rises as well. This year, Australia is experiencing the worst flu epidemic in 15 years. Are Europe and North America also facing [...]


Intended use:Fully automated 2-plate ELISA system for our RIDASCREEN® ELISA. SpecificationsArt. No. ZGEMINI


Intended use:Software for measurement, evaluation and documentation of RIDASCREEN® ELISA tests. SpecificationsArt. No. Z9996

SeraSpot® HepAk-7 IgG

Intended use:The SeraSpot® HepAk-7 IgG test is an in vitro diagnostic device for the detection of autoantibodies of the IgG isotype of the following antigens: AMA-M2, LKM1, LC1, SLA, F-Aktin, [...]