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About R-Biopharm

As a leading German biotechnology company in clinical diagnostics, food and feed analysis and nutrition care, R-Biopharm employs innovative and reliable products to develop pioneering solutions for successful worldwide distribution. In the clinical field, R-Biopharm offers IVD test systems for identifying antigens and antibodies of infectious diseases and test systems for allergy diagnostics, gastroenterology, molecular diagnostics and TDM using methods like ELISAs, Rapid Tests, Blots and PCR.

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RIDA®UNITY System – automated PCR solution

The flexible solution for your molecular diagnostics lab.

RIDA®UNITY combines sample extraction, PCR setup, and real-time PCR into one workflow for maximum walk-away time.

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA®UNITY system is intended for automated nucleic acid purification and PCR analysis of defined human biological samples, in connection with the RIDA®UNITY Extraction Kit, the RIDA®UNITY Internal Control, and the respective RIDA®UNITY PCR assays. The product is intended for professional use.


  • Up to 96 reactions per run can be processed fully automatically on the RIDA®UNITY system
  • Up to six difference PCR assays
  • Up to three runs can be processed during one workday


  • The ready-to-use reagents of the RIDA®UNITY system shorten your preparation times and boost efficiency
  • The graphical touchscreen interface makes operating the entire system easy
  • The device software facilitates simple connection to an existing laboratory information system (LIS)


  • RIDA®UNITY can be used to carry out an entire workflow, to extract, and to process a PCR run
  • The RIDA®UNITY extraction chemistry purifies universally gastrointestinal and respiratory DNA and RNA pathogens from provided patient samples
  • The workflow can be tailored individually to meet the requirements of your laboratory

RIDA®UNITY Universal Extraction Kit

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA®UNITY Universal Extraction Kit is intended for the automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids from defined human biological samples and is carried out on the RIDA®UNITY System. The product is intended for professional use.


RIDA®UNITY Internal Control Kit

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA®UNITY Internal Control Kit is intended for control of automated isolation and purification, amplification, and detection of nucleic acids in connection with the RIDA®UNITY Universal Extraction Kit and the RIDA®UNITY PCR kits on the RIDA®UNITY System. The product is intended for professional use.



The RIDA®UNITY system offers you a flexible, intuitive and universal solution for a fully automatic workflow in molecular diagnostics. RIDA®UNITY PCR-Assays

ProductArt. No.
Gastrointestinal infections
RIDA®UNITY Norovirus I& IIUN1415
RIDA®UNITY Bacterial Stool PanelUN2405
RIDA®UNITY C. difficile*UN0835
RIDA®UNITY Parasitic Stool PanelUN1725
RIDA®UNITY Viral Stool Panel IIUN1325
Respiratory infections
RIDA®UNITY Parainfluenza*UN5805
RIDA®UNITY Bordetella*UN2505
Nosocomial infections
Universal process control
RIDA®UNITY Internal Control KitUN0010

RIDA®GENE – manual PCR solution

The R-Biopharm RIDA®GENE kits are based on real-time PCR technology for direct qualitative detection of gastrointestinal infections, hospital acquired infections (HAI), respiratory infections, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and is used in human genetics for the detection of point mutations.

  • Sensitive and specific: real-time PCR with Taqman hydrolysis probe technology
  • Innovative: TaqMan hydrolysis probe technology coupled with patented SNP technology for point mutation detection in human genetics
  • Complete: contains all necessary components
  • Reliable: included extraction control confirms efficient nucleic acid extraction, monitors reagent integrity and detects PCR inhibition
  • Flexible: compatible with various real-time PCR instruments such as LightCycler® series, Rotor-Gene Q, ABI7500, Mx3005P and CFX96™
  • Efficient: only one PCR profile for RNA or DNA assays
  • Validated: CE-IVD marked, QCMD, INSTAND and UK NEQAS quality assessment participation

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