RIDA®UNITY combines sample extraction, PCR setup, and real-time PCR into one workflow for maximum walk-away time.



  • Up to 96 reactions per run can be processed fully automatically on the RIDA®UNITY system
  • Up to six difference PCR assays
  • Up to three runs can be processed during one workday


  • The ready-to-use reagents of the RIDA®UNITY system shorten your preparation times and boost efficiency
  • The graphical touchscreen interface makes operating the entire system easy
  • The device software facilitates simple connection to an existing laboratory information system (LIS)


  • RIDA®UNITY can be used to carry out an entire workflow, to extract, and to process a PCR run
  • The RIDA®UNITY extraction chemistry purifies universally gastrointestinal and respiratory DNA and RNA pathogens from provided patient samples
  • The workflow can be tailored individually to meet the requirements of your laboratory

RIDA®UNITY allows you to process up to three runs on one day. Start processing the next samples while your PCR is still running.

RIDA®UNITY Software – for simple and intuitive operating of the RIDA®UNITY system.

Loading consumables

  • The RIDA®UNITY software supports users in loading the system with the necessary consumables
  • A visual template facilitates the accurate positioning of the materials on the instrument deck

Loading PCR reagents

  • The positioning of the PCR reagent carrier can be selected in the device
  • Integrated LEDs show the correct position of the carrier and, therefore, increase process safety

Evaluating the results

  • Using the automated RIDA®SEEK evaluation software makes the analysis and interpretation of PCR results safe and reliable
  • Process controls can be easily monitored and safely archived together with the analyses
  • To increase data security, the results are also stored on a local server after being sent to an LIS

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