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The new generation of the RIDA®GENE multiplex real-time PCR kits offers a number of improvements—and makes molecular laboratory diagnostics even more efficient and flexible.

Multiplex real-time PCR is an important and essential technology for numerous applications in clinical diagnostics because it is sensitive, specific, and efficient. Efficiency is critical especially in large laboratories with a high sample throughput. An increasing number of patient samples must be analyzed in the shortest possible time—without sacrificing high quality for an accurate and reliable result. To meet these increased requirements, choosing the right real-time PCR instrument is just as important as choosing the tests to be performed. Kits that can be processed according to a simple and standardized process are user-friendly, simplify the laboratory work, and reduce errors. In order to achieve this, the RIDA®GENE multiplex real-time PCR kits for infection diagnostics have now been simplified.

The new format offers many advantages:

  • New RIDA®GENE label including barcode: As of the next production lot, all RIDA®GENE DNA tests as well as the RIDA®GENE RNA tests from our gastrointestinal product portfolio will be available in a new format. The kits bear a new external label that now features a barcode. This enables fast and automated entry of the product information into the electronic laboratory system.
  • Optimized thermal profile (universal profile): With the introduction of the universal profile, RIDA®GENE kits can be processed with the same settings. It is valid for all RIDA®GENE RNA tests from the gastrointestinal product portfolio and can also be used for all RIDA®GENE DNA tests if they are combined in a single run with RIDA®GENE RNA tests.
  • New dye and universal color compensation: RIDA®GENE kits also contain an optimized dye, and all users of the LightCycler® 480 instruments (Roche) will in future only need a single Color Compensation Kit for all RIDA®GENE tests.
  • Standardization of the RIDA®GENE RNA and DNA tests: In order to simplify the simultaneous processing of RIDA®GENE RNA and DNA tests, the volume of enzyme per reaction mixture for creating the master mix was harmonized for all RIDA®GENE DNA kits and the number of components in the RIDA®GENE RNA kits was also reduced. The pipetting scheme for creating the master mix is therefore now identical for all RIDA®GENE RNA and DNA kits in the new format.


Do you want to learn more about our optimized RIDA®GENE kits? Our PCR experts would be happy to help you.

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