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Progress in reliability at simplified work flow

The RIDA®QUICK Norovirus Test is a qualitative immunochromatographic lateral flow rapid test for determining Genogroup 1 (GG I) and Genogroup 2 (GG II) noroviruses in stool samples. It is used as an aid in the diagnosis of gastroenteritis and for the analysis of stool samples from children and adults with the symptoms of suspected gastroenteritis caused by the Norovirus.

The test kit contains all utensils needed for successful assay performance and allows you to make 25 individual determinations. It is a consequent progressive development after the well established RIDA®QUICK Norovirus flow trough rapid test. The new test can be used without predilution of stool specimen. Only four steps are needed to reach reliable results. In comparison to real time RT-PCR the new test format of RIDA®QUICK Norovirus explained excellent accuracy of 92 % sensitivity and 98 % specificity.

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