Intended use:

The RIDA®QUICK Norovirus test is a quick qualitative immunochromatographic test for determining
genogroup 1 (GG I) and genogroup 2 (GG II) noroviruses in stool samples. It is used as an aid in the diagnosis of gastroenteritis and for the analysis of stool samples from children and adults with the symptoms of suspected gastroenteritis caused by the norovirus.

General information:

Noroviruses are single stranded RNA viruses that cause norovirus gastroenteritis worldwide.
Noroviruses are frequently involved in outbreaks in communal facilities, such as nursing homes or hospitals, and sporadic gastroenteritis cases. Moreover, this pathogen is responsible for most gastroenteritis cases not caused by bacteria.
Norovirus infections are known to have a considerable impact on public health being able to cause severe staff shortages and unnecessary antibiotic treatments. Rapid diagnostic testing assist health care professionals to identify rapidly outbreaks and improve patient management.

Excellent and fast norovirus detection with RIDA®QUICK Norovirus:

  • Elaborated composition of norovirus-specific antibodies enables reliable detection
  • Proven quality for determining the antigens of both norovirus genotypes I (G1) and II (G2) (1,2)
  • Individual determinations for low and irregular sample throughput enable fast infection control


(1) Kattareeya Kumthip,et al. Comparative Evaluation of Norovirus Infection in Children with Acute Gastroenteritis by Rapid Immunochromatographic Test, RT-PCR and Real-time RT-PCR, Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 2017, Volume 63, Issue 6, Pages 468–47.
(2) Stijn Jonckheere, et al. Multicenter evaluation of the revised RIDA® QUICK test (N1402) for rapid detection of norovirus in a diagnostic laboratory setting, Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, 2017, Volume 88, Issue 1,Pages 31-35.
Art. No. N1402
Test format Rapid test cassettes
consisting of 25 tests
Incubation time 15 min test run

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