Intended use:

The RIDA®QUICK Norovirus test is a quick qualitative immunochromatographic test for determining genogroup 1 (GG I) and genogroup 2 (GG II) noroviruses in stool samples. It is used as an aid in the diagnosis of gastroenteritis and for the analysis of stool samples from children and adults with the symptoms of suspected gastroenteritis caused by the norovirus.

General information:

Noroviruses are a major cause of gastroenteritis world-wide with an estimated 23 million cases a year in the USA (1, 2). They are frequently involved in outbreaks in communal facilities, such as nursing homes, hospitals, day nurseries and prisons, and on cruise ships (3, 4, 5). Outbreaks caused by Noroviruses are reported more often than outbreaks caused by bacterial pathogens and they have a considerable impact on public health (6).

The RIDA®QUICK Norovirus test, which is based on monoclonal antibodies, makes it possible to determine antigens in stool samples quickly and reliably and therefore speeds up patient management. The quick test is a straightforward, sensitive method for determining the antigens of both genotypes I and II of the norovirus. It is particularly suitable for use on small sample series.


Art. No. N1402
Test format 25 single pouched cassettes
Incubation time 15 min
Sensitivity 92,0 %
Specificity 98,0 %
Positive predictive value 95,8 %
Negative predictive value 96,0 %
Accuracy 96,0 %
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