Intended use:

The RIDA®QUICK Rota/Adeno/Noro Combi is a single step immunochromatographic lateral flow assay for the differential qualitative detection of rotavirus, adenovirus and norovirus of genogroups I and II in human stool specimen.

General information:

Acute viral gastroenteritis is mainly caused by norovirus, rotavirus, and adenovirus. Infections with these viruses may appear all over the year. Whereas norovirus and rotavirus have a seasonal pattern with increasing infections during winter months, adenovirus infections are slightly more common in the summer months.
Several studies report increasing numbers of viral co-infections in patients with diarrhea who might suffer from a more severe disease. Moreover, symptoms of patients with acute diarrhea are not sufficiently specific to allow for a distinct diagnosis. Thus, rapid detection of the disease causing pathogen supports infection control and patient care.

RIDA®QUICK Rota/Adeno/Noro Combi combines detction of the most important viral pathogens in one test:

  • Rapid detection of co-infections and outbreaks in less than 20 min
  • Distinction between Norovirus genogroup I und genogroup II
  • Simple workflow with ready for use materials
  • Quality control material available

More information:


Art. No. N1903
Test format Rapid test cassettes
Sample preparation Ready for use sample dilution tubes
Incubation time 15 minutes
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_gb.pdf (English)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_de.pdf (German)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_fr.pdf (French)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_it.pdf (Italian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_es.pdf (Spanish)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_bg.pdf (Bulgarian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_cz.pdf (Czech)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_dk.pdf (Danish)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_ee.pdf (Estonian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_fi.pdf (Finnish)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_gr.pdf (Greek)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_hr.pdf (Croatian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_hu.pdf (Hungarian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_lt.pdf (Lithuanian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_lv.pdf (Latvian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_nl.pdf (Dutch)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_no-1.pdf (Norwegian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_pl.pdf (Polish)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_pt-1.pdf (Portuguese)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_ro.pdf (Romanian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_se.pdf (Swedish)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_si-1.pdf (Slovenian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_sk-2.pdf (Slovakian)
sdsn1903_-_ridaquick_rota_adeno_noro_combi_tr.pdf (Turkish)
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