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Please note: The proof of chlamydia trachomatis serotypes L1- L3 is to be reported since September 2022

We would like to draw your attention to the crucial importance of differentiating between conventional chlamydia trachomatis infections and LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum). LGV is caused by chlamydia trachomatis serotypes L1 – L3 and can be treated incorrectly, which can cause serious complications.

Why is differentiation so important?

  1. Obligation to report: The detection of serotypes L1 – L3 of chlamydia trachomatis is to be reported since the IfSG was changed September 2022. Timely reporting is significant to monitor and control the spread.
  2. Specific diagnostics: A specific differentiation between chlamydia trachomatis and LGV is only possible with molecular testing methods. In risk goups 30% of all chlamydia infections are related to serotype L1 – L3.
  3. Extented negotiation period with LGV: Compared to conventional chlamydia infections, LGV requires a longer use of antibiotics up to 3 weeks. The timely and adequate treatment minimizes the risk of complications.

The health of patients matters to us: We are committed to offer progressive and comprehensive TandemPlex® Panel for the diagnoses and differentiation of sexually transmitted infections to enable a targeted treatment.

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