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Real-time PCR tests offer many advantages and have become an important part of clinical diagnostics. Yet the efficiency of the tests depends also on the software. With the new, automated evaluation and documentation software RIDA®SEEK, labs can optimize their processes and save time.

Many diagnostic labs are faced with the challenge of analyzing more and more samples in less and less time—and under increasing quality requirements. Manual evaluation and interpretation of the results, documentation, and transferring the results into the laboratory information system (LIS) usually takes up a lot of time, however. Complex Excel lists are often used in these cases. Sometimes a lab that has several cyclers also uses different software, which further complicates evaluation. The often still manual documentation, regulatory requirements, data traceability, and the incorporation of new employees are additional difficulties that cause delays in business processes.

Here is where using RIDA®SEEK has many advantages for PCR labs: Thanks to the automated interpretation of results, work processes are optimized, which saves time and money. The software also has an archive and quality module: Both modules ensure a comprehensive quality management system with the option of traceability and documentation according to regulatory requirements. Linking to the laboratory information system simplifies data management and prevents errors from occurring, such as when results are transferred. Also, an intuitive user interface makes it easy for new employees to familiarize themselves with the software. The work process consists of only five steps that are easy to understand, facilitating comfortable analysis of the most common RIDA®GENE real-time PCR tests.

The RIDA®SEEK software is made up of several modules:

Analysis moduleArchive moduleQuality moduleAdditional functions
• Automatic interpretation of the results
• No need for a detailed study of the curves
• Standardized results reports
• Uncertain results are marked
• Traceability of processes, assay lots, controls, etc.
• Documentation
• Monitoring of controls over several assay lots• Connection to LIS (no need for manual data entry) possible
• Intuitive user interface
• Compatible with common cyclers
• CE-IVD certified
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