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Microspot arrays facilitate efficient and high-quality multiplex diagnostics for any sample throughput. They are also convenient, flexible, and automatable. This innovative technology is available now in the practical ELISA format from R-Biopharm with its SeraSpot® product line.

Microarrays are modern diagnostics tests that can analyze a wide range of parameters simultaneously and require only a small amount of sample material to do so. They can be used for many applications in medicine, genetics, or molecular biology. The new SeraSpot® system combines this exciting technology with established and convenient ELISA processing. The tests have different antigens that are fixed (spotted) to the bottom of every well in the microtiter plate. The principle is simple: The patient sample is placed on the array. If the blood sample contains the specific antibody, the antibody will bind to the antigen in the well and an enzyme substrate will ensure that the corresponding spots turn blue. A precision scanner can be used to analyze the result in a simple and objective way.

Flexible solution for small and large laboratories

The ELISA format makes the technology very flexible, allowing it to be adapted to individual laboratory requirements: For instance, up to 96 patient samples and different parameters can be analyzed simultaneously on a single ELISA plate; all conventional ELISA processors allow for fully automated processing. Smaller laboratories that have a low sample throughput are also able to analyze only individual strips of the microtiter plate.

The tests are very reliable thanks to integrated controls and color-coded arrays, and they have high sensitivity and specificity. SeraSpot® kits are available with an antigen selection for the diagnostics of various infectious and autoimmune diseases:


All test kits are delivered with ready-to-use reagents and use a standard protocol. As a complete solution, two different precision scanners (SpotSight® strip, SpotSight® plate mono) and the SpotSight® Scan software are also available.


Would you like to learn more about microspot arrays and the SeraSpot® technology? We look forward to hearing from you!

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