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The RIDA qLine® autoBlot is a stand alone analyzer for the automated performance of up to 36 RIDA qLine® Allergy membranes in one run. All steps like the detection of the samples by a barcode reader, pipetting of all reagents, washing the membranes, scanning of the membranes and transfer of the picture to the appropriate evaluation software of R-Biopharm AG are operated discretely.

General information:

The autoBlot Processor is an instrument which supports 3 dimensional robotic movement on the X, Y and Z axes. It’s comprised of a built-in CCD scanner, a barcode reader and a pressure sensor. Also built in to the instrument is a bespoke tilting and orbital shaker mechanism for agitating the membranes used on the instrument. The unit as a whole is controlled via an integrated touch-screen which is running a bespoke software controller and graphical user interface. The combination of all these features result in the ability to completely automate the processing of R-Biopharm RIDA qLine® allergy membranes, starting from sample handling and ending with images of the membranes once processing has completed.
The instrument is designed to be partnered with third-party interpretation software used on a standalone computer which resides somewhere on the same network as the instrument. By creating work-lists and passing them along to the instrument, the software can track the progress of a work-list and finally interpret the results when the scanning has completed.


Art. No. ZG3101
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