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Study about first randomized, controlled testing shows that clinical treatment decisions based on therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is superior to dose-intensification strategy.

One common way of treating loss of response patients on infliximab (IFX) therapy is to intensify the dosage. Steenholdt et al. showed in their study, that interventions based on therapy monitoring achieved similar clinical, biological and life quality outcomes compared to dose intensification, but at a highly significantly, lower cost.

The main finding of the study in summary:

  • Individualized infliximab therapy results in similar clinical response rates compared to the current dose intensification strategy.
  • Treatment costs are substantially reduced in patients receiving drug monitoring based infliximab therapy.
  • Pharmacodynamic mechanisms for treatment failure are more common than drug immunogenicity.

Interested in more details? Please read the abstract.

* Steenholdt C, et al. Gut 2014;63:919-927.

How to do drug monitoring of Infliximab and its biosimilars?

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