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R-Biopharm starts RIDA qLine® Allergy External Quality Assessment. This new tool will help to ensure the quality of the testing procedures in laboratories using RIDA qLine® Allergy and the laboratories confidence in its results. The Quality Assessment will be offered once a year and a certificate will be issued to the successful participant.

External quality assessment – ensuring quality & enhancing confidence


  • Annual quality assessment of RIDA qLine® Allergy
  • 1st Assessment: starting May 2016
  • Supply of material for quality assessment: May – June

About RIDA qLine® Allergy

RIDA qLine® Allergy is an quantitative enzyme immunoassay on a nitrocellulose membrane (immunoblot) for the quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in human serum and plasma. A great range of allergens or allergen mixes can be analyzed in one operation. For one strip (20 allergens) only 400µl of sample is needed.

  • Quantitative – standard curve on each strip
  • Economic – allergen panels with up to 20 allergens for effective diagnostics
  • Reliable – standard curve calibrated against the “2nd WHO IRP 75/502 for human IgE”
  • Customized – customer-specific allergen compositions for flexible and individual diagnostics
  • Individual – software evaluation with individually designable report

How does it work?

Learn more about the quantitative enzyme immunoassay and watch our movie:

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