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New line blot immunoassays – reliable differentiation between human IgG and IgA antibodies against Helicobacter pylori type I and II strains

More than half of the world population is infected with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a gram-negative, spiral-shaped bacterium. Helicobacter pylori is associated with an increased risk of gastric carcinoma and occurs in nearly all patients with gastric ulcers. When establishing the diagnosis, an important aspect is the differentiation between H. pylori type I and H. pylori type II infection. In this context infections with the type I strain which are positive for virulence factors CagA and VacA, are more severe than those with H. pylori type II.

In addition to its two ELISA-based assays, RIDASCREEN®Helicobacter pylori IgG and RIDASCREEN®Helicobacter pylori IgA, R-Biopharm now supplies two new line blot immunoassays for the detection of H. pylori: RIDA®LINE Helicobacter IgG and RIDA®LINE Helicobacter IgA will replace the previous Western blot assays, RIDA®BLOT Helicobacter IgG and RIDA®BLOT Helicobacter IgA.

Unlike the Western blot tests, the two new RIDA®LINE immunoassays enable the reliable detection and differentiation of the H. pylori type I and II strains by utilizing specific recombinant antigens. Besides providing maximum sensitivity and specificity, these line blot immunoassays feature easily readable bands for easy and clear interpretation of the test results.

By combining the IgG and IgA ELISAs with the new line blot immunoassays, R-Biopharm now provides a wide range of products for the detection of both acute and chronic H. pylori infections.

The product codes for the new line blot immunoassays are:
LB2323 for RIDA®LINE Helicobacter IgG and
LB2313 for RIDA®LINE Helicobacter IgA.

Products for the specific detection of Helicobacter pylori:

Products Assays Art. No.
RIDASCREEN® – Enzyme immunoassays for antibody detection
RIDASCREEN® – Helicobacter lgG 96 K2321
RIDASCREEN® – Helicobacter lgA 96 K2311
RIDA®LINE – Line blots
RIDA®LINE Helicobacter lgG 20 LB2323
RIDA®LINE Helicobacter lgA 20 LB2313


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