Human genetics are in all fields of medicine of high importance as many diseases or abnormalities are linked to genetic causes.

The term human genetic diagnostic summarizes all analysis of human genetic information. The genetic information of humans consists of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and includes over 20,000 genes, which are arranged on 46 chromosomes. The analysis of DNA segments allows to identify genetic predispositions which can be associated with certain diseases. In many areas genetic testing is already an important diagnostic tool.

Diagnostic products for human genetics

The human genetics product portfolio of R-Biopharm offers diagnostic solutions tailored to the diagnostic needs of laboratories. R-Biopharm uses modern technology of real-time PCR, which enables efficient and precise analyzes.

The real-time multiplex PCR test RIDA®GENE HLA-B27 (Art. No. PY0205) enables direct qualitative detection of HLA-B27 – a genetic predisposition associated with an chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease (ankylosing spondylitis (AS)). The test contains an internal control, can be performed using conventional PCR units and can be combined with other RIDA®GENE products.

Other human genetics products for the detection of genetic predispositions associated with thrombophilia, food intolerance or hemochromatosis are in the pipeline.

Diagnostics for Bechterew’s disease

Worldwide an estimated 540 million people suffer from low back pain. The causes vary widely. Frequently, a rheumatic illness such as Bechterew’s disease is the cause. Genetic testing can support the diagnosis.

Diagnostic products for pharmacogenetics

The RIDA®PRECISION ABCB1 (Art. No. Y5500) test supports the physician in the decision of antidepressant treatment, so that the physician obtains a recommendation about adequacy of treatment regarding choice of drug and dosage.

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