Intended use:

The RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Blood Collection Kit is intended to be used for collection and transport of a human capillary blood sample to the laboratory. It is an accessory for RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen.

Art. No. A8025
Test format 1 x RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Blood Collection Card (R-Biopharm AG)
1 x 2 Sterile lancets
2 x Alcohol swabs
2 x Bandages
Sample preparation Dried blood spots (DBS) need to be eluted using RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Elution Buffer (A8025-EB). The elution can be performed at room temperature for 1 hour.

Elution conditions:
Up to 50 allergens: 2 DBS + 4 ml elution buffer
Up to 100 allergens: 4 DBS + 8 ml elution buffer
Up to 200 allergens: 6 DBS + 12 ml elution buffer
Up to 300 allergens: 8 DBS + 16 ml elution buffer
Additional information Accessory for RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen

A8025-EB (elution buffer) is required for the processing of capillary blood samples on the Blood Collection Card and has to be ordered separately
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