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About R-Biopharm

As a leading German biotechnology company in clinical diagnostics, food and feed analysis and nutrition care, R-Biopharm employs innovative and reliable products to develop pioneering solutions for successful worldwide distribution. In the clinical field, R-Biopharm offers IVD test systems for identifying antigens and antibodies of infectious diseases and test systems for allergy diagnostics, gastroenterology, molecular diagnostics and TDM using methods like ELISAs, Rapid Tests, Blots and PCR.

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RIDA qLine® autoBlot

Analyzer for the automated performance of qLine® Allergy membranes in one run.

All steps are operated discretely: The detection of the samples by a barcode reader, pipetting of all reagents, washing the membranes, scanning of the membranes and transfer of the picture to the appropriate evaluation software of R-Biopharm AG. With the RIDA qLine® autoBlot the ability is given to completely automate the processing of R-Biopharm RIDA qLine® allergy membranes, starting from sample handling and ending with images of the membranes once processing has completed.

The RIDA qLine® Allergy Panel 1-4, RIDA® CCD-Inhibitor, RIDA qLine® QC-Kit and the RIDA qLine® Incubation Set are accessories of the RIDA qLine® autoBlot.


RIDA qLine® Allergy Panel 1-4

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA qLine® Allergy Panel 1-4 test is an enzyme immunoassay on a nitrocellulose membrane (immunoblot) for the quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in human serum and plasma (citrate).


RIDA® CCD-Inhibitor

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA® CCD-Inhibitor is an accessory for the inhibition of anti-CCD IgE in human serum and plasma.


RIDA qLine® QC-Kit

The RIDA qLine® QC-Kit is intended for the quality control of the R-Biopharm validated 3D-color flatbed scanner.


RIDA qLine® Incubation Set

One RIDA qLine® Incubation Set consists of 1 strip holder for fixation of up to 10 RIDA qLine® Allergy strips and one cover lid for dark incubation on the RIDA qLine® Allergy Orbital Shaker.


Magnetic induction real-time PCR cycler for manual and automated PCR solutions.

The RIDA®CYCLER is a magnetic induction real-time PCR cycler with 4 channels (FAM, HEX/VIC, ROX, Cy5). For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. The RIDA®CYCLER is extremely compact and flexible in its use. Combining several instruments allows process adaption to the individual sample throughput.

The RIDA®CYCLER is a small, compact instrument with a unique magnetic induction technology and a modular system.



Rapid test scanner for RIDA®QUICK lateral flow assays.

For in vitro diagnostic use. The RIDA®QUICK SCAN II is a lateral flow reader for automatic reading of quantitative lateral flow tests. The RIDA®QUICK SCAN II is only to be used in combination with lateral flow tests for which the use of the RIDA®QUICK SCAN II is indicated.
The product is intended for professional use.


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