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Adalimumab (ADM) revolutionized the treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. Despite its therapeutic success, up to 40 % of patients do not respond to adalimumab induction treatment and 23 – 46 % patients may lose response over time. Therapeutic drug monitoring of adalimumab has shown to be useful to optimize treatment outcomes.

In a poster presentation at ECCO 2019, we reported on a study evaluating the performance of a rapid test for adalimumab monitoring compared to a conventional ELISA in a routine laboratory. In this study, patient samples were analyzed both using the rapid test RIDA®QUICK ADM Monitoring and the conventional test apDia Adalimumab ELISA (also distributed as RIDASCREEN® ADM Monitoring). The rapid test was shown to correlate very well with the ELISA while requiring significantly less turn-around time. With only 20 minutes to result, the rapid test offers great advantages for daily routine clinical practice, supporting timely dose adjustments of patients receiving adalimumab therapy. For detailed information about the performance study and results please click the poster on the right.

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