Molecular detection methods have revolutionized medical diagnostics and are an essential part of today’s clinical laboratory routine.

In many areas of infectious diseases, the classical detection methods such as culture and immunoassays have been replaced or supplemented by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


By direct detection of DNA or RNA of the pathogen, real-time PCR allows for an early and highly specific diagnosis, thus leading to a fast and selective treatment regime of the individual patient; after DNA isolation, target gene fragments are amplified (amplicons) and, if present, detected with fluorescent hydrolysis probes. The fluorescence signal increases with the amount of formed amplicons which is detected by the optical unit of a real-time PCR instrument.

Ready-to-use PCR reagents for your manual workflow.
Ready-to-use PCR reagents for use on the RIDA®UNITY system.

Multiplex Tandem PCR – TandemPlex®

MT-PCR offers unrivalled multiplexing capabilities and enables comprehensive and efficient diagnostics in the field of syndromic testing, among others The unique patented technology allows the detection of multiple targets in one sample without compromising analytical sensitivity and specificity. Method based on nested primer pairs ensure that only the relevant nucleic acids are amplified.

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More information
TandemPlex® Panels for reliable syndromic diagnostics

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