Molecular detection methods have revolutionized medical diagnostics and are an essential part of today’s clinical laboratory routine.

In many areas of infectious diseases, the classical detection methods such as culture and immunoassays have been replaced or supplemented by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Real-time PCR test principle

By direct detection of DNA or RNA of the pathogen, real-time PCR allows for an early and highly specific diagnosis, thus leading to a fast and selective treatment regime of the individual patient; after DNA isolation, target gene fragments are amplified (amplicons) and, if present, detected with fluorescent hydrolysis probes. The fluorescence signal increases with the amount of formed amplicons which is detected by the optical unit of a real-time PCR instrument.

RIDA®GENE at a glance

The R-Biopharm RIDA®GENE kits are based on real-time PCR technology for direct qualitative detection of gastrointestinal infections, hospital acquired infections (HAI), respiratory infections, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and is used in human genetics for the detection of point mutations.

  • Sensitive and specific: real-time PCR with Taqman hydrolysis probe technology
  • Innovative: TaqMan hydrolysis probe technology coupled with patented SNP technology for point mutation detection in human genetics
  • Complete: contains all necessary components
  • Reliable: included extraction control confirms efficient nucleic acid extraction, monitors reagent integrity and detects PCR inhibition
  • Flexible: compatible with various real-time PCR instruments such as LightCycler® series, Rotor-Gene Q, ABI7500, Mx3005P and CFX96™
  • Efficient: only one PCR profile for RNA or DNA assays
  • Validated: CE-IVD marked, QCMD, INSTAND and UK NEQAS quality assessment participation

Product overview

You can find more information on our RIDA®GENE real-time PCR kits in our free customer brochure.


The fully automated system for real-time PCR diagnostics, optimizes your laboratory routine from extraction to sample result.


  • Up to 96 samples per run
  • Up to three runs per day
  • Up to six different assays per run (combination of the assays independent of the matrix)


  • Ready-to-use reagents reduce work time and increase efficiency in the lab
  • User-friendly software facilitates the use and traceability of all samples and reagents
  • Fully automated evaluation and result analysis with the RIDA®SEEK Software


  • Modular approach (only extraction, only extraction & PCR setup, only PCR setup)
  • Universal extraction for DNA and RNA assays
  • Supports use of additional external real-time PCR cyclers for highest throughput

Product overview

You can find more information on our RIDA®UNITY real-time PCR kits on the general page.

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