The RIDA®QUICK product line is a rapid lateral flow solution for clinical diagnostics. The lateral flow assays are a fast and convenient solution for qualitative detection of toxins as well as viral and bacterial antigens.

The RIDA®QUICK lateral flow assays are offered in two formats:

  • Dipstick: the test strip is dipped in the clear supernatant of the sample
  • Cassettes: samples are dispensed into the sample well of the test cassette

The RIDA®QUICK assays are a one-step, immunochromatographic lateral flow tests with antigen-specific antibodies which are attached to differently colored latex particles. Other specific antibodies against the pathogen are firmly bound to the membrane. Alternatively, biotinylated and gold-labeled antibodies subsequently bound to biotin are used.

RIDA®QUICK products are predominantly dedicated to the analysis of stool samples. All RIDA®QUICK lateral flow assays from R-Biopharm are CE-marked.

RIDA®QUICK product overview

You can find more information on RIDA®QUICK rapid tests in our free customer brochure.

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