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Therapeutic drug monitoring

With the R-Biopharm test kits for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), you can check the drug concentration in the patient’s blood in order to adjust the dosage to the individual needs of the patient. This video explains why this is important.

Real-time PCR: RIDA®SEEK makes analyses more efficient

Real-time PCR tests offer many advantages and have become an important part of clinical diagnostics. Yet the efficiency of the tests depends also on the software. With the new, automated evaluation and documentation software RIDA®SEEK, labs can optimize their processes and save time.

RIDA®QUICK ADM Monitoring: the usefulness of rapid testing

Patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or other inflammatory diseases are often treated with adalimumab. However, long-term therapy success is not always achieved. As a recent study suggests, rapid testing of adalimumab concentrations may be the key. In this video, Dr. Bram Verstockt presents the findings of the study.

RIDA qLine® autoBlot

Get to know RIDA qLine® autoBlot (Art. No. ZG3101), the fully automated analyzer for 36 RIDA qLine® Allergy test strips by R-Biopharm.


The rapid test RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring is an immunochromatographic lateral flow test for therapeutic drug monitoring which can quantitatively detect Infliximab (IFX, Remicade®) and its biosimilars Remsima® and Inflectra® in only 20 minutes.

RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide – advanced microarray for delayed IgG food allergies

Due to perturbations in the human gut, food antigens can get in contact with the immune system. This leads to the production of food-specific IgG antibodies. Repetitive exposure to these allergens can lead to the formation of immune complexes, which in turn can lead to local inflammations. The symptoms are various and will occur only 12 h – 48 h after allergen exposure. Thus, it is nearly impossible to relate a symptom to a previously eaten food. The RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide offers you a reliable, fast and convenient solution for the detection of these food-specific IgG antibody titers.

ABCB1 – the gene test to optimize depression treatment

A key factor for the effectiveness of antidepressants is the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier (BBB). P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is one of the key molecules regulating the passage of antidepressants through the BBB. P-gp, also as multidrugresistance gene 1 (MDR1), is encoded by the ABCB1 gene. Previous studies showed that ABCB1 gene variants influence the function of P-gp and determine the clinical effect of antidepressants. The use of the ABCB1 genotyping test helps to achieve faster treatment success and increases the chance of full remission after antidepressant therapy.

SeraSpot® – microspot array for efficient multiplex diagnostics

Experience the innovative SeraSpot® technology – your complete solution in the diagnosis of autoimmune or infectious diseases.

RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen – blood collection

The RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Blood Collection Card is intended to be used for collection and transport of a human capillary blood sample to the laboratory. It is an accessory for RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen.

Aila® – automated interface for liquid applications

Aila® represents a flexible pipetting platform that covers the needs of today’s routine diagnostics laboratory.

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