Delayed food allergies – a growing problem

Delayed food allergies cause more and more health problems. It is estimated that 20 % of the population have an IgG-mediated (type III) food allergy. Due to perturbations in the human gut, food antigens can get in contact with the immune system. This unexpected immune presentation leads to the production of food specific IgG antibodies that circulate in the blood stream. Repetitive exposure to these food allergens can lead to the formation of immune complexes, which in turn can lead to local inflammations. The symptoms caused by these local inflammations are various (e.g. chronic digestive disorders, headaches, migraines and weight problems) and will occur only 12 h – 48 h after allergen exposure. Thus, it is nearly impossible to relate a symptom to a previously eaten food.

Detecting a delayed food allergy

Our detection systems are precise and reliable ELISA-based test methods for the quantitative measurement of specific IgG antibodies to particular foods in human blood samples.

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay:

RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen

The RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen provides pre-coated plates in a modular format offering the patients different tests for up to 271 food antigens.

RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen Prescreen 1:

Prescreen 1 is designed to test for general sensitization to the most common foodstuffs. It is a cost-saving tool used to select the allergen composition for further testing. 22 most common foodstuffs are tested. The plate is designed for four patients.

RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen Plate 6:

Plate 6 is designed for two patients and includes the 44 most common foodstuffs.

RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen Plate 1, Plate 2, Plate 3:

Plate 1, 2 and 3 have a modular composition: Plate 1 (90 allergens) includes the most common foodstuffs, Plate 2 (90 allergens) includes common alternatives to the foodstuffs on Plate 1, and Plate 3 (91 allergens) includes rare and exotic foodstuffs and herbs/spices. Each plate is designed for one patient.

RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen Customized Plate and Customized Prescreen:

The Customized Plate and the Customized Prescreen are designed for individual configuration with a maximum of 91 allergens per plate for one or more patients. The system is extremely flexible and highly individual, providing a selection of more than 300 allergens including region-specific allergens you can choose from.

Microarray Enzyme Immunoassay:

RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide 25, 50, 100, 200

The RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide is a miniaturized test similar to the RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen. The Microarray enzyme immunoassay is intended for the detection of food specific IgG of up to 211 different food antigens. This miniaturization is the beauty of the microarray-technology enabling to test 211 food antigens in 2 Wells instead of 1 conventional ELISA-Plate.

Accessory for RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen and RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide:

RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Blood Collection Kit

RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Blood Collection Kit

The Blood Collection Kit is specifically designed to enhance sample collection. A few drops of capillary blood will be sufficient to be able to detect IgG against foodstuffs. The samples can be collected anywhere – even at home. The dried blood samples can easily be sent via standard post mail.

RIDASCREEN® Foodscreen Blood Collection Card

The Blood Collection Card enables a professional to use this sampling device with his own equipment such as sterile lancets.

Advantages of our detection systems:

The precise and reliable RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen and RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide tests offer many advantages:

RIDASCREEN® Spec. IgG Foodscreen:

  • Modular system for systematic screening
  • Customer-specific plates available for flexible and individual diagnostics
  • CE- and ISO-certified
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Regular interlaboratory tests
  • Standardized production of allergens
  • Standard curve calibrated against the international reference preparation “1st WHO IRP 67/86 for human IgG”
  • 24 months shelf live

RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide:

  • Miniaturized Enzyme immunoassay
  • High and low sample throughput
  • Customer-specific allergen-profiles
  • CE- and ISO-certified
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Standardized production of allergens
  • Standard curve calibrated against the international reference preparation “1st WHO IRP 67/86 for human IgG”
  • 24 months shelf live (RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide 25, 50, 100) and 12 months shelf live (RIDA®CHIP FoodGuide 200)

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