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As allergies become more widespread, their diagnosis takes on an important role. For this purpose, laboratory tests that detect allergen-specific antibodies in the blood are indispensable tools. Automation can provide a solution for processing these tests.

If an allergy is suspected, then the triggering allergens can be identified by detecting the specific IgE antibodies in the patient’s blood. Immunoblots are often used to detect antibodies. These tests, which are also called lineblot assays, are enzyme immunoassays on a nitrocellulose membrane. On the membrane, individual allergens are immobilized in separate lines. If the respective antibodies are present in the specimen, then they bind to the molecule on the membrane and are detected using a biotin streptavidin enhanced ELISA protocol. The visible color bands show a positive result.

Immunoblots in the medical laboratory

Many laboratories rely on immunoblots, since they can be carried out quickly without special laboratory equipment. The greatest advantage (especially in comparison with ELISA tests) is the simultaneous analysis of several antibodies in the same assay. That makes diagnosis very efficient and convenient.

The immunoblots of RIDA qLine® have the additional advantage that the color bands can also be assessed quantitatively. For this purpose, the color intensity of the bands is measured with a scanner (e.g. with the according to IVD rules CE-certified RIDA qLine® Scan) and assessed using software (RIDA qLine® Soft). Up to 20 allergens can be tested per strip. Additional positive features of the tests are the standardized processing, the high precision and the different composition of the allergens on the membrane in accordance with the country-specific panel.

RIDA qLine® Allergy Panel
RIDA qLine® Allergy Panel

Fully automatic allergy diagnosis with RIDA qLine® autoBlot

Increasing automation also opens new possibilities in the field of diagnosis of allergies. Immunoblots can now be processed completely with automation – the RIDA qLine® autoBlot makes it possible.

The equipment has a pipetting unit with disposable tip, an orbital shaker, a fan, a barcode scanner and also a LIS connection via RIDA qLine® Soft. The equipment is operated conveniently using a touchscreen where the software guides you intuitively through all steps. The RIDA qLine® autoBlot communicates with the RIDA qLine® Soft, which in turn is connected to the LIS to transfer barcodes and worklists conveniently. The RIDA qLine® autoBlot can also be used in laboratories without a LIS.


Do you want to learn more about automation in allergy diagnostics? Download the RIDA qLine® autoBlot flyer here – or contact us! Our allergology experts would be happy to help you.

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